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Many CEOs are so trapped into their business, or just loving it, that they never experience real adventure outside their working lives. Taking several weeks out of their business to walk the Arctic wastelands, or to cycle the mountains of Europe, is an impossibility for most. An experienced businessman, John offers an executive life-line in both keeping the business together, and planning the Great Trip. Working closely with the client business, getting to understand key areas, John provides a low-cost professional service that enhances peoples' lives and improves their business. So, irrespective of any desire for an adventure, there are often areas of need within a business where there is an opportunity to 'work with the issue' and build a relationship and trust. Some of these are listed below.

What your competitor is really up to

Well, they're not ignoring You, that's for sure. There are legal lines over which no-one should tread, but what if they really are for sale, pressurised by a supplier that's not being paid? How will you know and use this to your advantage? Where are the clues? We establish a plan, boundaries, definitive goals and agree costs and timeline. Then I set about finding out.

It pays to know detail about your competitor.

Buying, selling and investigations

Behind any buying and selling is considerable groundwork. One of the most successful deals was negotiating a management buy-out for just 85K for assets only, when there was a deal for 300K for the business already on the table that included all the liabilities too - and the seller wanted 1.6m. The key to this success was down to a joint and trusting partnership, good strategic planning and hard work. The company is now worth millions.

Interim and project management

It's not often you can't cope with a crisis in your business - but a relationship built with an experienced manager, who gets to know your company over time, can be helpful, particularly where essential work is required and there is no-one available. One such example was a distribution business, where the returns were getting out of hand. Staff, unable to deal with the volume, short-cut procedures and many products were returned to shelves in unsaleable condition. The situation quickly compounded to the extent that both cashflow and customer satisfaction were seriously compromised. A small team was organised to both establish and reaffirm procedures and to deal with the backlog.

Crisis management

This company was growing and profitable. Cash was tight but they managed, at times slightly over their overdraft limit. A new bank manager, bringing them back to terms, stopped payment to their main supplier and the deck of cards started to fall. Everything goes up in the air during these times. Staff morale, lost business, everyone in panic mode and yet you have to get through this. You can't buy this experience for yourself and you hope you never have to. I can help.

Risk and assurance

The pressure exercised against small and medium sized companies is great - often the result of large customers making strong demands. Of course, the rigours of analysing your business risks and working to formal assurance programmes is immense - but it is costly and time-consuming. Help getting this both implemented and properly part of your organisation is useful, where internal resources are limited.

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