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A number of client areas cannot be shown due to the type of work undertaken and non-disclosure agreements signed.

With all my work, if you have concerns about value for money I will share the risk with you, loading the costs towards agreed and proven results. This is particularly the case where the nature of the work means it is unlikely I will be able to provide direct references. For most general work, references are available.

Business Market Type of work
Inclusive Technology Education Buyout and advisory
Polar Adventures Polar Challenges Raising Sponsorship
Shell International Energy Project Management
Enterprise Oil Oil & Gas Project Management
Hugh Symons IT & Telecoms Investigation
London Electricity Utilities Documentation
MJN Computers Education Start-up
Fretwork Publishing Music Director
Tempest Publishing Education Director
Weydock Waterside Develpt Director
NSSTC Training Films Director
Cumana Education Director
Eurocom Distribution Director
Personal development

Mike Krimholtz, before joining the 'Toughest Race on Earth', the race to the magnetic North Pole:

I recently quit my lousy 80-hour a week job in Dartford which was playing havoc with my sailing. The idea was to complete my research and get a decent consultancy post instead. A couple of weeks later, I came to the Tuesday night session at the club, something which I hadn't been able to do for months. There I bumped into John Simnett .....

Through a wonderful twist of fate that came from this adventure, Mike and his wife now live amongst the rich and famous in Barbados, where he is consultant physician responsible for diabetes.

Paul Story, author, who risked everything and made a World First, by being the first author to Podcast a new book on the Internet and challenge publishers to recognise and feed him....

John is an inspiration and has been of great help. I do pick somewhat bizarre routes in life, and I find John's style of both encouragement and challenging the premises of my intended actions both stimulating and helpful in my personal and business life. It's not always a comfortable ride with John, but he certainly keeps you on your toes.

Abi Van Walsum works with big City entrepreneurs in a tough business. She is also a film-maker and Director....

I think John has helped most with his non-judgemental experience. He builds time and thought into a project and the outcome is still completely my own... but somehow better than it would have been.

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