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Holidays are great but every so often some people get a real yearning to stride out and do something so challenging and interesting that it takes them right out of the mould.

For me, one of the first big ones was pulling a sledge 400 miles to the magnetic North Pole. It was a year-long project that lasted a lifetime (well so far), in its influence. Another project was to take several months out to write a book, a third was to build a houseboat, which is now the family home. Other challenges included training for and running extreme marathons in Antarctica and near the Equator. Central to undertaking these adventures was to still pay for the children's education.

There's a great documentary about Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman called "The Long Way Round", where they go by motorbike 20,000 miles around the world, through some of the most inhospitable landscapes imaginable. What a life changing experience. At one point, travelling the Road of Bones, the riders worked tirelessly with the support team to get them all across impossible terrain. Very inspiring.

Some friends have just returned from two years sailing around the world with their two small children. The kids were one and three when they left. Sure, they had some criticism but the children have settled immediately into nursery and infant school. What an adventure! I'm not suggesting this is either good nor bad, but it certainly is living the life. Another friend is twelve months sailing around the Greek islands with his wife. He's just forty and tells me that time and again he comes across people ten and twenty years older who wished they'd taken the time out earlier and taken the risk.

20:20 vision is ok but maybe it would be easier to have a bit of organisation and assistance so things don't fall apart in absentia.


Crossing Europe by motorbike, might take a long weekend to plan and a good service of your bike before you leave. A round World trip is a whole project in itself, with many weeks of planning, backup, permissions and a myriad of other things - even researching where to go and how to avoid trouble. Then there's your business to think of - useful if it prospers in your absence and this won't happen without careful forethought and planning.

Having a co-ordinator make happen what needs to happen both increases the likelihood of success, and it increases safety, likely enjoyment and reduces the potential for downside.

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